jeudi 16 août 2007


prepara | products | 'herb-savor'

  • the 'herb-savor' will prolong the life of your fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks
  • shows off its balanced, modern form while showcasing the natural beauty of the herbs within
  • fits inside a typical refrigerator door while providing roomy herb storage capacity
  • easily refillable water well base
  • removable stainless steel herb basket keeps herbs neatly gathered together, and allows for easy washing
  • herb stems sit slightly submerged in the water of the water-well, keeping them fresh
  • asparagus also keeps extremely well with ends submerged..
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vendredi 10 août 2007

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Beautiful Hungarian fashion !

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mardi 7 août 2007

Daisy Vase

made from a BIC™ ballpoint pens these little vases are hand blow-molded.
as the plastic becomes flexible it stretches allowing the vase to sit naturally.

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mercredi 1 août 2007


2SECONDS is a self-erecting tent. Just throw it in the air and it opens on its own before reaching the ground. All that’s required are six pegs to secure it to the ground. The key to the design are the two spring hoops made of fiberglass, a material that reduces the diameter of the hoops and allows it to be easily folded for compact storage. Compared to standard tents, 2SECONDS has fewer parts to lose and break while still providing an attractive, lightweight, waterproof shelter. Disassembly is easy as well: in 15 seconds the tent folds back into its self-contained package complete with carrying handles. Its affordable price and simple operation has brought camping to a wider range of customers. Sales in the first year have skyrocketed.

'06 Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)

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