samedi 30 décembre 2006

Sujean Rim

Sujean Rim is a very talented illustrator based in New York city.
I her style looks familiar to you, that is because you are probably a reader of Daily Candy. She also worked for Barney,s, Tiffany and Co, Elle Decor US ...

We love her graceful and naive style,it feels very refreshing in this pixelated world.
Take a look at her portfolio.

Chocolate accents

Ana Mir has always been one of my favorite designers. I like the simplicity and the playfulness of here products. Being also a fan of chocolate, it is with no surprise that her "chocolate accents"completely got me ! A real delice...
Find more about the chocolate maker/find more about her design studio

vendredi 29 décembre 2006

Yves Behar-new job

SAN FRANCISCO, BUSINESS WIRE -- Asserting its commitment to superior audio communications through the combination of innovative technology and design, Aliph, the leader in mobile audio technologies and products, today announced that Yves Behar will join the company as vice president and creative director.

Mr. Behar will lead Aliph's creative strategy, ranging from industrial design of the products to branding and communications. Mr. Behar is the founder of the San Francisco-based design studio fuseproject, which he will continue to lead in conjunction with his new position at Aliph.

"Yves has played a pivotal role in Aliph's innovation since we started building our own products," said Hosain Rahman, Aliph CEO and co-founder. "We believe that the design exercise at every level of the new product development process is what allows great technology to be translated into complete product experiences for consumers. Yves instinctively understands this connection, designing products that are acclaimed for their visual appeal, comfort, and ease-of-use."

By BusinessWire

Magic Table cloth

This product was definitively one of the highlights of

biennale du design of St Etienne, France

This table cloth was partially screened with a "waterproof" ink. As you can see, when someone drops off a glass of wine or any other coloreed beverage, it reveals a lovely graphic pattern. Nothing to worry about then ...

Designer : Madeleine Montaigne

The Hydrosphere Electrolux

The Hydrosphere was one of nine finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2006 contest where design students were asked to design household appliances that could contribute to a healthier life style. It's a small greenhouse solution for growing fresh herbs and salads.
“A grow lamp is positioned in the middle bottom of a clear glass globe, enabling herbs and small fruits to grow around it. Designer Kleber Puchaski, of the Royal College of Art in the UK, created this concept to make natural ingredients readily available in the home.”. The contest grand prize winner was the Nevale – a heated and cooled food carrier that allows people to carry "real" meals and avoid less healthy fast food. Created by Metin Kaplan, a student at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, he was inspired by traditional Middle East sefertasi food containers.
via moco

French Rabbit

Born out of a passion for delicious wine and respect for the earth, French rabbit wines are perfect for everyday enjoyment. Our vintage-dated wines, the first premium French wines in an eco-friendly Tetra Pak™ container, are sourced from sustainably farmed vineyards in the sunny Pays d’Oc region of Southern France.

Note sure if this is as nice as a traditional glass bottle but if it is better for the environment :-)



Wall mounted wood storage system

The Reservoir wood storage system is an aesthetic, smart and modern helper in storing wood for your wood burning stove or fireplace. The wall mounted Reservoir system makes storage of your logs convenient, clean
and accessible. Placing a number of Reservoirs near your fireplace creates a unique ambience to that space.
more info here

Anya Kivarkis

Anya Kivarkis is the creator of Victorian style inspired pieces of jewelry.
Intriguing shapes and colors, tradition and modernism make her work very unique and graceful.
via moco

jeudi 28 décembre 2006

Water Jug

The new water jug from Menu is tall, slim and simple - specifically created for the purpose it was intended. There can be little doubt that the jug is for pouring water, not wine. The slender, waist-like shape provides a solid grip and the elegant lid comes with a mechanism which automatically opens when you pour, ensuring that foreign objects stay out and ice cubes, slices of lemon and mint leaves stay in.
Designer: Pil Bredahl


Stunning and original pendant necklace with individually arranged aquamarine glass beads. A very unique piece designed by Lara Cameron.
Order here


Marie-Louise Hellgren is a major Swedish designer mostly working with ceramics.
Her portfolio includes a number of ceramics classics, including traditional Höganäs and more contemporary work for the Design House of Stockholm. It is essential to Marie Louise that her ceramics inspire and contribute to daily life. Simplicity, functionality and elegance characterise her work.
The spin collection features a delicate serie of mugs. The practical saucer avoid spills, you can use it as a holder for tea bags, cookies or as an individual ashtray.

shoe system

Alfredo Haeberly created a shoe that becomes a "different kind of footwear", a system, thanks to the two-part division. This invention was the product of research for a company that wanted to diminish production costs; it caused an uproar there until a new manager was appointed who halted the project at the prototype stage.
All his work, click here

MIO Design

Designed as mood lighting for tabletop and floor use, Shroom lights are ideal as nightlights or in clusters around living areas. Their warm light and soft felt shade are inviting to both sight and touch.

Using traditional felt molding technologies and local manufacturers as a source of inspiration, the Shroom Light explores felt’s natural beauty as a material for diffusing light. Material density softens and directs light, producing relaxing atmospheres that range from the warm and relaxed to the psychedelic and fun.

Visit the website

Courtney Skott

Spring 2004
16" h x 14" d and 18" h x 14" d
Plywood, foam, batting, muslin, silk, wool, zippers, thread

The Tree Stools recall the communal atmosphere of sitting around the campfire, but are built for the most elegant silk-upholstered living room. Textiles mimic nature in their patterned randomness, while employing traditional quilting and embroidery techniques. The humanization of form lends a sense of charm. A couture-finished bark jacket of pin-tucked wool is concealing, insulating, even transformative, and reflects the costume aspect of dressing a home.

$3500 for the pair
More info here


Lifted by the wind, the separate parts of the sunshade move and slide across one another, filtering the light. Sitting under the parasol becomes like sitting under a tree on a cloudy day, experiencing the play of sun and shades.

Design : Ulrike Niesmann

Such a complex world needs a good explanation...

What the F***

F*** more here :

the Egg : new support of communication ...

Love this brillant idea of the belgian marketing JWT !
It is an advertising campain for the rasor Wilkinson Quattro Titanium ! Clear stickers of a perflectly bald man are stuck on the surface of your eggs inside the box.
Does it make you want to cook an omelet ??

JPG Leather belt

Love this Jean-Paul Gautier leather belt with its subtle cow-girl (in a good way) look !

Nike Hijabs

Bahrain sprinter Ruqaya Al Ghasara won the gold medal in the 200-metres at the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar last week.
She was wearing a Nike hijab and a full-length running suit showing only her hands and face.

It is not the first time that Nike encourages young Muslim girls to practice sports. Earlier this year, the Oregon company created jilbabs for a team of kenyan womens.
Great initiative that allows girls to move forward !
read the article here

P'kolino Klick

This playfully smart desk and chair set is a "perfect fit"!

Perfect for parent and child. With ample working and storage space, the P'kolino Klick is perfect for children.

With its ability to cleverly minimize, and thus maximize the home aesthetic, it is perfect for Moms and Dads.
Price: $285.00

mercredi 27 décembre 2006

I Park Like An idiot Stickers

Mad of people who park anyhwere, with no repect shown for others ...
here is the solution, get 20 stickers for 10$ and you know what you have to do... !order here


"Topo" is a disposable tablecloth patterned with colorful circles. Each guest will select a spot, writes his name and some nice words to the host on it. Then the place is his to store his drink while he's dancing. After the party, the host will have dozens of kind attentions to read while is cleaning the room.
Sweet, isn't it ?! Francois Montay is the talented designer of this product among a lot of other cool ideas.

Corina Rietveld

Corina Rietveld is a young dutch designer who works in Amsterdam.
She creates unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry totally handcrafted. visit her website

Handy Candles

Simple, cool looking and smart, A vintage matchbox in integarted in the design of these candles.
They are handmade in Denmark.

mardi 26 décembre 2006

Do you know the pulcopiyo ?

They are some candy malicious plush creatures dolls ! They look absolutely lovely, are handmade and very affordable.
Visit the whole family here

Artwork of Sophie Griotto.

Check out the amazing work of Sophie Griotto, young french artist who illustrates beautifully the parisian woman of today.Her style is fresh, dynamic and very inventive.
She has already worked for prestigious clients and we hope to see more and more of her work out there !
click here to see her work

Happy new year 2007 ...

... And welcome to our brand new Design Blog.
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