samedi 10 mars 2007

Making something from nothing...

plastic jelly fish from San Pellegrino recycled water bottle

Miwa Koizumi, a Japanese artist living in Brooklyn, who creates beautiful  and eco-friendly art by recycling plastic bottles. Quite fascinating !

mercredi 7 mars 2007


A great design by Adrien Rovero edited by Suck Uk

Arik Levy for Baccarat

New collection by french designer Arik Levy for Baccarat.

More info at Dezeen

8th heaven by Matali Crasset

8ème Ciel (8th Heaven) is a sex toy designed by Matali Crasset for Exquise Design For Pleasure.
Made entirely of silicon, the product will be launched during the Milan furniture fair in April.

More info at

lundi 5 mars 2007


We aim to produce honest products that keep their promises in daily life. Our designs need to be honest about their buying price and quality. This may seem obvious but the real challenge lies in achieving this while maintaining a high level of comfort, innovation and respect for nature. Our products need to provide the user with a certain
sense of ease and joy, the’ soft values’ as we like to call them. These values symbolize an invisible yet very present product quality. It’s about feeling or experiencing a 3 dimensional entity. The extended functionality of the Beachbuddy for example or the way some of our products are hand woven gives those products an extra dimension. It creates a rather unexpected element of surprise that has the potential to improve our quality of living.

SOME by Robin Delaere



each 'Fifi' is an ORIGINAL one-of-a-kind illustration of Fifi wearing her latest outfit.

Updated daily here :  fifi-lapin

Buy an Illustration here

Vespa S

The famous italian manufacturer Piaggio decided to star its “Vintage” roots with this new model of Vespa S . S meaning "Sport"

 In the 70's the Vespa “S” named “Vespino” encountered a great success with the young italian and british consumers, becoming one the the icons of the brand.

francesco cappuccio



We like the new creations of Francesco Cappucio, especially this ingenius and esthetic modular shelves system.

The special section of the repetitive box module allows to compose a whole wall in many configurations without seeing any metal joining part.

A lot of other great ideas on his website, check it out ...