mercredi 28 février 2007

Zipper Pins

Pretty and original !

lundi 26 février 2007

Parasite Eyewear

Sporn Star 1 is the first model that embodies completely the spirit of Parasite: Sport + Fashion = Science + Fiction.

That's why many athletes love it. It is emblematic of Parasite, but nowit has to be replaced by foldable frames, and easy-wear shapes.

Message Bean

How do they do it? Believe it or not, each magical Message Bean grows with an actual word lasered onto one side and an image on the other. Simply remove the foil top and bottom of the can (for drainage), and add a 1/2 cup of water to the enclosed soil -- in just 1-2 weeks, the bean will poke through the surface, revealing the special message! The bean then sprouts into a small plant that can be kept in the container or replanted. A simple and original way to send a greeting.
via wishingfish

David Shrigley

I love the simple and refreshing work of DAVID SHRIGLEY !


Side Table named Bird designed by Broberg Mats and Ridderstrale Johan for OFFECT.

samedi 24 février 2007

jeudi 22 février 2007

Jeung-Hwa Park

Born in Pusan, Korea, Jeung-Hwa Park studied fashion design and worked in that country as a designer prior to coming to America.

Park uses a contemporary adaptation of the ancient resist dyeing technique in combination with the ancient practice of felting. The knitted fabrics are bound, tied, stitched, cramped, or folded to prevent certain areas from absorbing color. By marrying the spirit of Yin and Yang, traditional technique and modern technology, the sense of hand craft and machine knitting, Park creates innovative wearables that bring a new sculptural and textural sense of aesthetics to the art of knitting.

Available here


A collection of sportswear designed to make the powerwalk a bit more effective. The fabric is reinforced with weights, to give your muscles extra strength during the walk. Westrength during the walk. Looking for a production partner !
WIS design

Kangaroo Apron

The big pocket of Kangaroo apron usually functions as same as any other apron's pocket. It can be used as a mitten when we need to pick up a hot cooking ustensil. The pocket has a protective padding inside so that our hands can be protected from heat and only the top part of the pocket was sewed for smooth movement.

Designer: Jongoh Lee

via Yanko

mercredi 21 février 2007

IF design Award for Philips

This year, Philips was successful in a number of different categories.The Consumer Electronics category produced eight winners; the 9FF2CMIPhoto Frame, HTS9800 Home Theater System, ME6 LCD Flat TV 42PF7521D/12,, Cineos Flat TV TOP B 42PF9731D_10, Portable Speakers SBA1500,Headphones SHG5300, Headphones SHN9500, GoGear Digital Audio PlayerSA9200 and the DPM9600 Digital Dictation Device.

Via Dexigner

mardi 20 février 2007

Fabric Clock

Uniquely and endlessly customisable by you! The fabric screen is designed to be removed and replaced with any material you prefer: Tartan? A left over swatch of your bedroom curtains? A torn scrap from your favourite old T-shirt? Its all up to you. You could even get really fancy and cut up your designer Burberry shirt! 3 fabric swatches are included in the box.

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Black Mask

This unique black mask is an ultra-concentrated formula with a highly innovative texture:
a light velvety foam, of pure black sprinkled with tiny luminous nuggets for a triple action
on the skin’s luminosity…a black delight for pure light...

Interesting ... and pretty unexpected.

Givenchy products

vendredi 16 février 2007


While we have seen several attempts of soft light shades, InnerTube really interrogates the relationship between a material and its application. In this case, the soft and flexible rubber shade is maintained in shape by the light source itself. In effect, the black shade is stretched around the circle glass tube, creating an unusual void in its center, while diffusing a large contrasting white aura of light. Contact between the two elements is also made possible as the tube remains warm.

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mercredi 14 février 2007

Soft spot table


Anarea of wood tiles connected by elastic cords in tension creates a flattable top. However, the surface bows to provide cushioned seating,acknowledging the behaviour of people perching on the edge of coffeetables.

Branch Wall Shelf

A natural perch for candles and other small objects...

available at west elm

Pocket Chair

It is small enough to fit in your pocket yet strong enough tosupport your weight. Pocket Chair can be used anywhere and adjusted toant height. It can be hung from trees, posts, walls or bus stops. Thesize has been calculated to provide a minimum of comfort for a largeadult male. It comprises a seat which is made from aluminium coveredwith a flexible nylon membrane, a 5m line is used to wrap, loop or hangit from the environment.

Designer : Pascal Anson

mercredi 7 février 2007


For Your Information is a fashion label founded in january 2006 by Camille Rivet and Caroline Robert.
A label which represents women’s wear & accessories for an every day, easy and comfortable utilisation.

We love their french creative style even thoug they have their office in Belgium and attention to details ! A great blend of modernism and tradition ...

mardi 6 février 2007

Snøhetta show winning Emirates complex


More architectural spectacle in the Gulf: Norwegian architects Snøhetta have released images of their competition-winning design for a new “gateway” building for Ras Al-Khaimah, the new capital city of the United Arab Emirates.

via dezeen

dimanche 4 février 2007


2 small aperitif dishes which fit over the neck of a wine bottle !
Carry your nibbles,wine and glasses to the table at once !

Design : Anne Laure Pulcini