lundi 29 janvier 2007


Shannon graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design in 2001 with two BFA degrees, illustration and graphic design.

Constantly in her mind composing artwork, she is inspired by accounting ledgers, numbers, maps, vintage papers, road signs & symbols, found objects, typography, and African wildlife.

Equilibrium shelves

Modular furniture brand Movisi has launched Make/Shift, an adjustable shelving system by Royal College of Art graduate Peter Marigold.
The system, made of Arpro expanded polypropylene, consists of wedge-shaped units with corrugated edges that tesselate to fill alcoves or spaces between columns.
Make/Shift also comes with clips that can be used to create freestanding assemblies.

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dimanche 28 janvier 2007

Claire Stigliani

Claire Stigliani is a very young yet fascinating artist.
Her style is definitely very unique, personal, strong and colorful!
Visit her gallery here

Henrick Drecker

Bruce is a balcony barbecue grill. To save space on the often very smallbalconies Bruce is designed to be hung up on the balustrade. His shapeis similar to those of flower boxes. That makes it possible to usestandard holders to install Bruce.

Henrik Drecker Design

samedi 27 janvier 2007

Rubik's Cube

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube

A brilliantly distinctive and unexpected adaptation of a modern classic. Our Rubik’s Cube® is made of solid chrome, with leather inlaid sides.

Sophie Cook

Sophie Cook graduated in 1997 from Camberwell School of Arts. Her work now sells worldwide and is also featured in permanent museum collections. Currently throwing porcelain bottles and pods on the wheel, her vibrant glazes embody subtle, sculptural shapes to create fluid, almost luminous forms which suggest a contemporary feel to a traditional craft.

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Alex + Chloe

Alex + Chloe jewelry.

Lots of cool stuff, check it out !

vendredi 26 janvier 2007

Lazy Milk

How original and unexpected ! Lazy milk pouches break are available at  EGG3, SALAD and Anthropology homeware.

jeudi 25 janvier 2007

Susan Bradley

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A side table that appears to be melting and puddling over the floor.

Frank Tjepkema

via the style files

Frank Tjepkema is a Dutch designer based in Amsterdam.
The idea behind the design is that these vases are the ultimate personalization of the consumer in a product, with minimal intervention of the designer.

mercredi 24 janvier 2007


Happy Toast : only 20$ !!

Heidi Kenney is the creator of those lovely and original plush. I am just amaxed by her creativity and sense of humor.

Nike Considered

Via Cool Hunting

"Considered, the sustainable footwear line from Nike, has moved in to their All Condition Gearinterviewwith Bob Mervar, Design Director ACG and Peter Fogg, Senior Designerabout two new shoes that came out of the collaboration and are bringinga new look to the previously quirky-yet-respectable Considered line. group and will be introducing some rather innovative product as theteams join force. Always reliable for the scoop, Woody over at SneakerFreaker has a great

The Water Cat (pictured, top) is a water shoe made with an extremereduction of materials, simplifying the manufacturing process.Performance of this shoe is apparently not compromised by the post-techlook—there's support where you need it and it's very light weight.

The Soaker (pictured, bottom) is another water friendly shoebut also has broader appeal. Made from fewer layers of material thannormal sneakers and built with "snap together tooling" instead of toxicadhesives, these shoes definitely resonate with my urban-greensensibility."

mardi 23 janvier 2007


These unique Gold toned earrings were designed and handmade by Mary Andrews, a jewelry designer and Artist dwelling in Brooklyn, NY. Hand crafted, and designed for that vintage look, antique typewriter key beads hang from silver hooks for sensitive ears.

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Kendra Binney.

Kendra Binney was raised in the small mountain town of Lakeside Arizona. Here she formed an early bond with the miniscule world of spiders, snakes and all things hiding in the grass. Practiced in the art of "catching pretty things" She transfers this closeness with the obscure and unnoticed into her paintings. Through scenes of dripping landscapes in which birds are remorseful killers, and the trees are unspoken thoughts , she displays her vision of nature, humanity, and the vulnerability of youth. Her work explores the seldom pondered architecture of lives draped in memories, remorse, and fragile realities

lundi 22 janvier 2007

felt rocks by molo

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you might see them as toys, you might see them as a unique decoration, or you might see them as a strangely compelling semi-natural oddity. all of the above would be correct.

in their raw form, a felt rock is technically a lump of felt formed when small bits of wool fluff gather while making polishing wheels for optical lenses, spun around in a drum with them.

Bright night umbrellas

The Bright Night "Liquid Series" umbrella is the perfect way to see andbe seen. And, of course, it keeps you out of the rain. The Bright Nightcombines high fashion with true technological innovation.

Order here for 38$

Property NY

via Design Milk

Beautiful round table with single-curved wood base.

Available here

dimanche 21 janvier 2007

Herblader Menu

Create space for the herbs: Herbs need light. With the Herbs Ladder they get light and at the same time they can almost be stacked on top of each other. And when the herbs have to be put on the table, you simply take the Herbs Ladder and place it horizontally on the dining table. And with night lights in the dishes, the Herbs Ladder becomes a beautiful lamp with candles.

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Marcel Sigel

Marcel Sigel and Alana di Giacomo Swoon Candle Holder. Great gift idea !

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Louise Campbell

Louise Campbell Veryround Armchair

'Veryround' is pleased to announce that it doesn't care much about what other chairs look like." (Louise Campbell)

"The design is based on the pleasure that can be found in repetition. Asingle circle is not particularly interesting, but 240 circles,meticulously organised until they form an entire chair, areinteresting. Although the chair as a whole appears to be incrediblycomplex, it is not. It consists simply of two layers, that are identical but for the varying scale. The outer layer - including itspattern - is 20% larger than the inner layer.


Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec Panier

Panier is the first object to be signed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Kartell.

Rigorous technological and functional research resulted in a container basket in a simple
but very communicative shape.

Comprisedof four modules to form the four fourths of a shiny, transparent circlebursting into rays of light. The fourths are attached to each otherusing opaque joints and stability is achieved simply by using inserts.

Beautiful Walls

Change your walls! - "Iconic Panels are created using an innovativeprocess of formed laminate over a carved wood core. Incredibly durable,they can be nailed, screwed, glued, or simply mounted on walls."

discover more here

Elisa Ossino

Elisa Ossino Line Ceramic Collection

The collection of 22 ceramic pieces by Elisa Ossino is based on thepure and simple form of a cylinder. It reflects the study of a figurein all its expressive possibilities. She has given us differentfamilies of vases and objects, and different textures on white or darkgrey surfaces with horizontal and vertical lines and grooves.

Unique hand crafted pieces made one by one by Egidio Milesi reproducing the artisanship of a time-honored craft.

samedi 20 janvier 2007

Soft Pipe

Sand & Birch Design studio was founded in 2003 when Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro decided to join their different cultural backgrounds and experiences together for a unique project: to re-interpret the concept of furnishing and to bring other meanings, other senses and other lives to Objects.
The Diamond Sofa is an example of how this project has begun reality turning a sofa into a piece of jewellery without losing its original functions.

Soft Pipe is the last seat thought and designed by Samanta Snidaro and Andrea Fino.

Soft Pipe is a chaise lounge covered with soft leather in various colours and metallic parts.

The structure is totally realised in iron pipe covered with compact polyurethane.
You can see the Soft Pipe at IMM Cologne, d³ design talents HALL1/Stand A050

Designers : Samanta Snidaro + Andrea Fino
Visit their website


"Ecoist offers eco-fashion accessories and eco-friendly gifts to conscious consumers who want to live according to modern aesthetics (aka “Ecoists”). Our products are made mostly from recycled, organic, and non-toxic materials, and are manufactured through our network of fair trade partnerships around the world"

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Black Rubber Lace Coasters

Black Rubber Lace Coasters - Set of 4

"These stylish and witty Black Rubber Lace Coasters are a perfect addition to any Christmas dining table. Unusual and practical these drink coasters come in a gift box of 4 and make a unique present. The table coasters are versatile and durable and can be used for both wine and hot drinks. I am sure you will agree that they are a charming stocking filler and a perfect gift for those who like their style instant and eyecatching.Order here

Peter Karpf Gemini Candlesticks

Peter Karpf Gemini Candlesticks

How cute and romantic !

Appetize cutlery

Appetize 2 221Appetize_800.jpg


The awarded Appetize is a new smart cutlery for all kinds of starters and hors d'oeuvre.

The functional cutlery is inspired by the leave of tea seedling.

Designer : Nedda El-Asmar

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Oslo Wood

oslo wood black 221

Oslo Wood from Northern Lighting is a studio lamp with a tripod base. Revolving shade in black or beige that gives an upward solid indirect light. Spreads light like that seen in the forests around Oslo!

Designer Ove Rogne

Order here via scandinaviandesigncenter

Barbara Silverstein

"As a designer whose strength is minimal architectural classic lines, Barbara Silverstein’s response to the purity of the intristic beauty of braided stainless steel was immediate and total. Each piece and its findings are formed by hand. Silverstein’s standard for excellence includes achieving total comfort while maintaining exquisite craftsmanship. The finished result is both timeless and maintenance free."

See her gallery of products here