dimanche 1 juillet 2007


Teaposy Butterfly TeaposiesTeaposy Lady Fairy TeaposiesTeaposy Calendula TeaposiesTeaposy Falling Water TeaposiesTeaposy Heart of Love TeaposiesTeaposy Noble Essence Teaposies

Using rare Silver Needle White Teas hand-picked in the Fujian Province in China and an assortment of flowers, Teaposy creates a tea experience unlike any other. This single origin Silver Needle White Tea is infused with floral jasmine and hand-sewn into the freshest flowers, for a visually stunning display that blooms in hot water.
With all natural flavors and hand-crafted glassware inspired by traditional Chinese and Japanese culture, Teaposy captures the unique rituals and flavors of the finest tea in the world.

 - video Teaposy -

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