mardi 19 juin 2007

Pasta Pot

Introduced in 2007 by alessi, the pasta pot by ducasse and jouin is a result of a rediscovery by Alain Ducasse of an ancient cooking method used by olive pickers. Ducasse, one of the greatest chefs of our time, has brought to light a unique pot which produces a new and interesting flavor (i.e. the starches are not discarded with the cooking water but are totally absorbed by the pasta, and the same holds true for the ingredients of the sauce). First you put the dry pasta in the "Pasta Pot", sautéing lightly if you wish, then the various ingredients of whichever sauce you wish to make, then last comes water or broth, all at once or gradually, cooking everything together with the specially designed cover, stirring occasionally. in just a little more time than normally required to boil the pasta according to the classic method, your pasta with sauce is done and served directly at the table on the included trivet.

designed by Patrick Jouin

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