samedi 26 mai 2007


Papering our rooms is still a rather nonsensitive business. We ignore the architectural preconditions. Windows, doors and switches tear holes in patterns that actualy ask for a continuity of unbroken surface. Later on, pictures and cupboards are dashed on top of it. So three layers compose the visual appearance of walls – without reacting on each other. My conception blurs the border between architectural wallstructure and applied interior decoration. The wallpaper is becoming a senstitive mediator. Contrary to traditional mural painting, I do not create individual objects of art but generate functions that are adapted to the particular infrastructure of a room. Once the necessary data of the object is stored I can apply any pattern. The outcomes are wallpaper-templates that warp around every hole or discontinuance. Door, light switch, painting and wallpaper don’t bang together anymore, they flow into each other and create a unity – by crossing our usual perception of rooms a rather bizarre unity.

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