samedi 20 janvier 2007

Soft Pipe

Sand & Birch Design studio was founded in 2003 when Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro decided to join their different cultural backgrounds and experiences together for a unique project: to re-interpret the concept of furnishing and to bring other meanings, other senses and other lives to Objects.
The Diamond Sofa is an example of how this project has begun reality turning a sofa into a piece of jewellery without losing its original functions.

Soft Pipe is the last seat thought and designed by Samanta Snidaro and Andrea Fino.

Soft Pipe is a chaise lounge covered with soft leather in various colours and metallic parts.

The structure is totally realised in iron pipe covered with compact polyurethane.
You can see the Soft Pipe at IMM Cologne, d³ design talents HALL1/Stand A050

Designers : Samanta Snidaro + Andrea Fino
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