mercredi 24 janvier 2007

Nike Considered

Via Cool Hunting

"Considered, the sustainable footwear line from Nike, has moved in to their All Condition Gearinterviewwith Bob Mervar, Design Director ACG and Peter Fogg, Senior Designerabout two new shoes that came out of the collaboration and are bringinga new look to the previously quirky-yet-respectable Considered line. group and will be introducing some rather innovative product as theteams join force. Always reliable for the scoop, Woody over at SneakerFreaker has a great

The Water Cat (pictured, top) is a water shoe made with an extremereduction of materials, simplifying the manufacturing process.Performance of this shoe is apparently not compromised by the post-techlook—there's support where you need it and it's very light weight.

The Soaker (pictured, bottom) is another water friendly shoebut also has broader appeal. Made from fewer layers of material thannormal sneakers and built with "snap together tooling" instead of toxicadhesives, these shoes definitely resonate with my urban-greensensibility."

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