vendredi 29 décembre 2006

Yves Behar-new job

SAN FRANCISCO, BUSINESS WIRE -- Asserting its commitment to superior audio communications through the combination of innovative technology and design, Aliph, the leader in mobile audio technologies and products, today announced that Yves Behar will join the company as vice president and creative director.

Mr. Behar will lead Aliph's creative strategy, ranging from industrial design of the products to branding and communications. Mr. Behar is the founder of the San Francisco-based design studio fuseproject, which he will continue to lead in conjunction with his new position at Aliph.

"Yves has played a pivotal role in Aliph's innovation since we started building our own products," said Hosain Rahman, Aliph CEO and co-founder. "We believe that the design exercise at every level of the new product development process is what allows great technology to be translated into complete product experiences for consumers. Yves instinctively understands this connection, designing products that are acclaimed for their visual appeal, comfort, and ease-of-use."

By BusinessWire

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